Electromotive Solutions Group

Engineering application specific solutions to technical challenges, our family of companies provide custom Specialty Electric Motors, Pressure and Position Transducers , Alternators and Superior Performance Fans & Blowers.  

Sensor Systems, LLC is a AS9100 Certified manufacturer of precision electro-mechanical components for Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Commercial applications for over 50 years. Sensor Systems, LLC is an OEM Supplier of Potentiometers, Encoders & Transducers. 


Motor Magnetics Inc (MMI) has been manufacturing  AC / DC Motors for over 30 years for Industrial, Military and Aerospace applications.  MMI designs and manufactures specialty AC Induction /  DC Brush Motors, Gear Motors, Blowers, Fans and Electro-Mechanical assemblies for Actuators.


Fisher Electric Technology is a manufacturer of Specialty Electric Motors for over 15 years. Fisher Electric's designs have the industy's highest power density and provide superior performance. Fisher Electric designs and manufactures Permanant Magnet Brushless DC Motors, Alternators, Blowers & Fans.


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